CPDC's mission is to build strong communities by creating employability pathways for disadvantaged individuals by helping them to develop the necessary skills to obtain and retain suitable employment, while encouraging self-sufficiency.  
Career Path DC is a nonprofit, community service organization.
At Career Path DC, we serve our community and help to build a better future for everyone involved by giving people the necessary tools to thrive in life. We inspire our youth to build a great future for themselves and their families and assist them in obtaining the skills to succeed. In addition, we work with ex-offenders and individuals with low to moderate skill sets to establish a clear career path. We provide these individuals with a wide range of training and counseling services to overcome their obstacles and prepare them for the workforce, their career of tomorrow.
We build reputable relationships with companies and organizations within our community and through these bonds we stimulate the economy by presenting businesses with talented individuals whose skills will help to build a successful tomorrow for the companies we serve.
Creating Financially Stable, Strong Communities