Mr. Charlie L. Whitaker, MA

In 2006, Mr. Charlie L. Whitaker coordinated a program, the Green Team, in the Columbia Heights/Shaw section of Washington, DC. He created career opportunities for the returning citizen population, in an effort to assist them in successfully reintegrating into the community. In addition, he provided training and career opportunities for individuals with a history of substance abuse and others with low to moderate skill sets, individuals who were classified as hard to employ, in an effort to help them obtain and maintain suitable employment. The Green Team was originally funded for one year, however, during the first year of the program, the residents, business owners, and leaders of Columbia Heights/Shaw community felt that the program was such a success that other funding sources began to contribute to extend the program. Under Mr. Whitaker's direction, the Green Team initially hired eight (8) returning citizens, offering them an hourly salary of $12.00 per hour, with benefits, which included medical and dental insurance and paid sick and annual leave. At its maximum capacity, the Green team employed sixty-two (62) individuals.   In July 2009, Mr. Whitaker began a similar program in the Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. Being a lifetime resident of Southeast, he was very passionate about creating a program in his own area that would offer the same opportunities to those residents. The B.L.U.E. Team provided 60 hours of intense Life Skills/Job Readiness training and career opportunities to a population that has been defined as hard to employ. Currently, Mr. Whitaker serves as the President/CEO of Career Path DC (CPDC). As such, he develops and maintains programs to train and hire individuals from the returning citizen population. Under his direction CPDC services all eight wards within Washington, DC. The safe and clean services provided by these Crew Members are two very necessary services in our Nation's Capital. Mr. Whitaker has received numerous awards for the outstanding service and dedication that he has applied to his work. He currently holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master Degree in Public Administration, both from the University of the District of Columbia.

Ms. Tina Kennedy

Ms. Kennedy has functioned in several roles, including President of Tina Kennedy & Associates.

As a small business owner, Ms. Kennedy serviced clients, primarily in the non-profit sector. She provided assistance with organizational planning and development, grant identification, and administrative support. In addition, she has developed and implemented successful training programs and facilitated workshops on topics such as career development and financial literacy. 

In her role as Chief Operating Officer at Career Path DC, Ms. Kennedy focuses on providing comprehensive services and essential resources, such as career training to address the needs of the ex-offender population, deterring them from falling prey to recidivism. By utilizing aggressive intervention and prevention methods, supportive networks, and positive outlets she assists the ex-offender population in becoming and remaining productive parts of society.   


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